This website uses a lot of online tools that inspire teachers to educate their students on being a digital citizen.  It also has many other resources for other professions such as law enforcement.  Kids and teens are also given their own tabs to research more information.  The negative that I found in this site was the lack of positive energy that is created on the pages.  Although there is a couple of cartoon characters on it their really isn't anything that could get kids interested in learning more.  The thing that I found interesting was the law enforcement tab that was given on the home page.  When I explored this tab I found a few resources helping law enforcement with current online issues such as cyperbullying. 
   I have been a part of many different classes that attempt to use technology to teach their subject.  The biggest problem I have found with this strategy is that technology shouldn't be used to teach things that you are already covering in class. Technology was originally invented to perform the same task in a different way.  In other words technology creates new options for old worn out methods.  In the class room technology should not be handcuffed to performing every task given on a hand out, because this is simply doing a handout.  Instead technology should be used to explore each and every part of the subject.  The immediate analogy that comes to mind is the idea of eating.  Eating the same thing every time you are hungry is like teaching the same subject the exact same way.  It does fill you up and meet the need but the same thing becomes boring.  This is the easiest way to lose your students attention.  Technology introduces a sense of freedom; each student can now explore the subject in their own personal way.  This creates a higher morale and a sense of individuality.  A differential approach is the only way to become a thorough teacher.  Pedagogy is partially good practice but I believe it is also changing things up to get better results.